3 Great Options for Emergency Care

When you are in the midst of an emergency, odds are you won't be thinking clearly enough to make a spot on care decision. Most people will automatically go to an emergency room out of habit, even though it isn't the only option and sometimes isn't the best option. While the emergency room can certainly be helpful in numerous situations, there are numerous other options. In order for you to make a better decision in an emergency, it is imperative that you educate yourself beforehand. For this, we have listed three options for emergency with information to help you decide.

Urgent Care
With about 3 million patients per week and 20,000 of the best doctors around practicing at their centers, urgent care has something going for it. Since 85% of their centers are open seven days a week, and all of them hold hours after many doctors offices are closed, they are an ideal option for anyone not facing a life-threatening injury. Urgent care centers treat anything from colds to sprains, and can also test for hazmat and STDs.

Emergency Room
Of course, there is always the emergency room. If you or the person affected has a life-threatening injury the ER is your only option. Emergency room care is absolutely needed in those situations. However, for many visits, you could avoid ER congestion by taking the situation elsewhere. It will be easier on you wallet and you'll likely be cared for sooner.

Mobile Care Unit
These are relatively new and only exist in major cities for the time being. But if you live in a major city this is a great care option. These units are basically an urgent care clinic in a car, and they can come to you to care for whatever issues you may be facing. 

Which would you choose? Let us know in the comments.