3 Medical Conditions that Affect Many People

Medical issues -- especially chronic conditions -- affect so many people and can be as stressful to deal with as they are painful. Even with all the innovations and advancements in the medical industry over the last few years, some conditions are extremely difficult to treat. Even simple medical problems like lower back pain cause so many problems for people.

It's important to know that you're not alone in your suffering if you are struggling with medical issues. Some are extremely common and although difficult to completely discard, there are things that can be done to at least minimize the pain.

Back Pain

Back pain affects just under 70% of Americans' day to day activities. It can be caused by something as simple as reaching for something or sleeping, and can last well into old age. If you're experiencing back pain, it's important to get proper treatment early on. Physical therapy clinics can provide you with care and end up saving you money later on. Of all the people suffering from chronic back pain, about 40% of them do not see any doctors or physical therapists. People who do seek physical therapy early on in their back pain end up saving more than $2,736 less than patients who waited for treatment.


At some point in their lives, dizziness will occur in 70% of the population. The second most common complaint heard in medical clinics is dizziness. Mild cases can be treated at home and could've just been caused by dehydration, but severe cases should be handled by medical professionals.

Ankle Sprains

Something as simple as an ankle sprain affects more than 25,000 people in the U.S. every single day. Over 80% of these sprains are caused by inversion or inward rolling of the ankle, which can be done by being active and running around all over the place, or simply by taking an awkward step while walking.

What can seem like minor annoyances can actually be extremely stressful and painful conditions if not handled appropriately. If you are suffering from any severe medical issues, seek help immediately. Medical care clinics can help you get the treatment you need.