3 of the Most Common Summer Sports Injuries

During summertime, kids and adults alike are outside being active. And while it's great to get outside and get active, summer sports and activities also come with the risk of being injured. Since people tend to be more active in the summer, the number of injuries related to sports and activities tend to increase as well. So let's take a look at a few common summer activity and sports injuries.

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Ankle sprains: One of the most popular injuries over the summer tends to be ankle sprains. In fact, it's estimated that 25,000 Americans sustain an ankle sprain every day. Ankle sprains are so common because they can happen anywhere at any time: family gatherings, playing sports, or even just walking around the park. Ankle sprains can range from minor to severe -- minor ankle sprains will just need ice and rest. Severe ankle sprains, on the other hand, may require x-ray services to check for more serious internal damage. No matter the severity, ankle sprains can certainly put a damper on summer fun.

Back injuries: Back injuries are commonly seen among those who swim, bike, or do other repetitive activities. Any activity that involved arching the back continuously can easily lead to back injuries. Unfortunately, untreated back pain can worsen and lead to chronic conditions. So with that in mind, doing any sort of activity involving repetitive back movement should be done carefully. Furthermore, if a back injury is sustained, medical attention, and maybe even x-ray services, should be sought right away.

Overuse injuries: Because people are more active when the weather is nice outside, overuse injuries are common in the summertime. Overuse injuries occur when someone participates in the same activity too often without giving their body time to rest. So for example, baseball players can sustain overuse injuries in their shoulders if they don't give their body time to rest and heal between practices and games. Overall, it's best to listen to your body and ensure it gets the rest it needs between exercises.

Summer is a great time to be physically active -- but it's important to do so carefully. If you don't warm up and take care of your body, you can spend your summer nursing an injury on the couch instead of being outside enjoying the sunshine.