3 Possible Firework-Related Injuries to Know About This Summer

During warm summer nights, people like to gather around campfires, roast marshmallows, and, of course, set off fireworks. No perfect summer night is complete without some awe-inspiring fireworks, right? Well, as amazing as they can be, fireworks can also be extremely dangerous. So to keep you and those around you safe this summer, let's discuss a few common firework-related injuries and how to avoid them.

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Burns: When people set off fireworks, they can easily burn themselves if they're not being careful. This is why hand burns are some of the most common injuries sustained from fireworks. Unfortunately, burns can be extremely painful and can even leave scarring if they're bad enough. Whether it's from setting off fireworks, setting off fireworks towards people, or picking up a firework that has already gone off, it's very easy to get burned by fireworks. So always be mindful around fireworks and keep a bucket of water nearby. Burns should always be looked at by a physician at a walk in clinic to ensure they get treated properly.

Face injuries: Exploding fireworks can go awry and send hot pieces towards anyone standing nearby. This is why a lot of people experience facial injuries around fireworks. Setting off fireworks doesn't always go as planned, and can often result in facial injuries, including injuries to eyes. This is why people should always stand an appropriate distance away from fireworks when they're being set off. Additionally, anyone who is setting off fireworks should wear protective eyewear to ensure they're being safe. Overall, a facial injury can be severe and should be tended to at a medical walk in clinic immediately if they occur.

Hearing damage: It's no secret fireworks can be loud, especially if you're standing nearby where they're being set off. People can sustain hearing damage if they're standing too close to a firework when it's set off. This hearing loss can be temporary or consist of ringing and pain in the ears, or it can be permanent. To avoid hearing damage, people should always stand far enough away from fireworks as they're being set off. Additionally, anyone with sensitive ears should consider wearing protective ear wear. If hearing damage is sustained, an appointment should be made to have your hearing checked.

Firework-related injuries are easily sustained. Children should never play with fireworks or sparklers and you should never use homemade fireworks. Additionally, fireworks should be set off carefully, making sure your body is as far away as possible during lighting and immediately after. If an injury is sustained, one of the 20,000 physicians who currently practice Urgent Care Medicine should look at the injury at a walk in medical clinic. 

Fireworks can be a lot of fun -- but they can also be pretty dangerous. So if you're using fireworks in mind, remember these common injuries and always use your best judgment to ensure the fireworks are set off safely.