3 Services You Might Not Know Urgent Cares Provide

When you think of an urgent care center, you likely think of patients who have suddenly been injured while cooking or those who come down with nasty cold symptoms. While urgent care clinics certainly treat these types of ailments, they also provide a variety of services of which many people aren't aware. 

After all, about 3 million patients visit urgent care clinics across the country every week and not every individual can be in there for a wayward knife cut. Let's take a look at three other services that walk in clinics can provide:

  • STI and STD Testing
  • School and Sports Physicals
  • Stitches and X-rays for Minor Injuries

STI and STD Testing

15- to 24-year-olds account for half of all new STI infectionsOne of the most important services urgent care clinics may offer is STI/STD testing. Visiting an urgent care center for STD testing is an important task for everyone, even people who are not sexually active. Many STDs don’t produce symptoms, making it common for unaware people to spread an infection to others. Going to urgent cares for regular STD testing is the best way to monitor your sexual health. At Immediate Clinic, our caregivers are here to help, with confidential and comprehensive testing and treatment for a range of STDs. 

School and Sports Physicals 

Many parents think their child can only get a sports physical with a primary care physician. However, urgent care clinics are fully capable of conducting sports physicals, also known as pre-participation exams. Most clinics allow patients to schedule their appointments in advance or walk in whenever they can fit a physical into their day. 

If you have a middle school or high school student who needs a sport or school physical, your local Immediate Clinic can help you out. Our medical providers will review your child’s health history, perform an exam and complete your school district’s required paperwork.

Stitches and X-Rays for Minor Injuries

When it comes to an unexpected minor injury such as a cut or fracture, sometimes additional procedures are necessary to appropriately treat the injury and prevent infection or further harm.  Any cut in the skin that is gaping or split open may need stitches. Ideally, to prevent infections, the wound should be closed as soon as possible. At Immediate Clinic, our team is able to clean and stitch the wound closed to help begin the healing process right away. 

In the event of a suspected minor fracture, some urgent cares, including all Immediate Clinic locations, are equipped to treat minor fractures with the use of onsite digital X-ray services. More severe fractures (where the bone is protruding through the skin) should be treated at an emergency center.

Common signs and symptoms of a fracture include:

  • Extreme pain
  • Difficulty moving or supporting weight with injured area
  • Swelling and redness
  • Deformity 

What to expect from a visit at our clinic:

  • A provider will conduct a thorough examination of the injury
  • A provider may order an X-ray to see if there is a break or fracture
  • You will receive a care plan and treatment for your injury. This may include splints, medication, referral, etc., depending on the medical recommendation of the provider.

Urgent care facilities are important fixtures in our communities. By providing so many different and timely services, these centers help people quickly get back on the path to feeling better. If anything comes up where you may be in need of one of these services, walk in or book an appointment online at your local Immediate Clinic for the quick and attentive care you need today. 

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