5 Tips To Manage Your Hospital Anxiety During Your Next Visit

Does the idea of a blood pressure cuff make your heart race? Does the thought of being injured seem more pleasant than going to the emergency room? Feeling a bit of anxiety while visiting the doctor's office or hospital is normal. After all, you may not be feeling well. But if this anxiety becomes debilitating, it may end up jeopardizing your health. Follow these tips to ease your mind during your next visit to a medical clinic. 

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  1. Cultivate Trust: Remind yourself that the medical professionals you see are all highly qualified for this job. According to the Urgent Care Association of America, about 3 million people visit these clinics every week. And these people are cared for just as you will be.

  2. Find Small Comforts: If you need to seek emergency room care, find ways to calm yourself while you are there. You may listen to calming music, draw in a notebook, or read a book while you wait. Aromatherapy and other personal tricks can also be highly effective.

  3. Confide In A Friend: Remember that whenever you are feeling frightened to visit the doctor or go to an emergency clinic, you can ask a friend, family member, or partner to come along with you. Having someone with you to talk you through the experience can be very helpful when trying to calm down. Sometimes all you need is a reassuring voice.

  4. Practice Positive Self Talk: Sometimes your affirmation comes from within. Use meditation and other cognitive techniques to retrain your inner voice. By transforming it into something more positive, you can comfort yourself during the most stressful experiences.

  5. Consider Counseling: Making an appointment with a professional can also be highly effective in overcoming medical anxiety. They can give you personalized techniques to overcome your anxiety and cope with emergency room care procedures.

Above all, remember to be patient and gentle with yourself. You won't suddenly get over your anxiety after trying out one of these techniques. It will be a process with potential ups and downs. But by taking initiative and enlisting the right help, you can find some level of calm while receiving medical attention.