Avoid Back Pain: Take Proper Care of Your Body

The human body is a wonderful thing. We have to maintain and take care of ourselves, or our bodies will shut down on us and cause more pain down the road. Not taking care of ourselves could even lead to death at a much younger age. The importance of proper body care can not be underestimated.

Something as simple as low back pain affects so many Americans and is damaging their lives every day. Just fewer than seven in 10 Americans (69%) admit that chronic low back pain affects their lives every single day. Few things can be done to prevent back pain, but getting the right treatment once your back pain is evident is crucial.

Baby Boomers are significantly affected by back pain, but we will see an increase of younger people suffering from back pain when the younger generations grow older. By the year 2030, about 60% of elderly people will be experiencing chronic back issues. Currently, however, Baby Boomers are the majority generation suffering from low back pain. Their pain is likely due to their limited physical activity. About 10% of all Baby Boomers admit that their physical activity is limited to only one or two days a month. Not being active on a more consistent basis can seriously increase your chance of experiencing back issues.

Exercising regularly and receiving physical therapy treatments can reduce the severity of back pain tremendously. For patients who received physical therapy early on, their total medical costs for low back pain was $2,736 lower than those who waited for therapy or didn't receive any at all. Unfortunately, over 40% of people who are experiencing chronic back pain do not see doctors or physical therapists for treatment and about 60% of people do not attempt any exercise remedies to relieve their physical pain.

Low back pain is sadly affecting far too many individuals in the U.S. and the world. Even those who take cautionary procedures to prevent back pain can end up getting it and being forced to live with it. Talk to your doctor if you're experiencing any pain and do whatever you can to protect your body.