Avoid Getting Injured This Winter By Following These Tips

While many people enjoy the winter weather and fun outdoor activities that come with it, cold weather also brings many hazards. Whether it's icy conditions or physical exertion, injuries are common when the cold weather arrives. Because of that, it's important to know what kind of injuries to look out for. This article is going to discuss some common winter injuries and how to make sure you stay injury-free this winter.

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Common Winter Injuries
Whether you slip walking down your driveway or while gliding down the ski slopes, the most common injuries seen include:

  • Head injuries

  • Neck and shoulder injuries

  • Back injuries

  • Knee joint pain

  • Wrist or ankle sprains

  • Hip fractures

  • Elbow fractures

These winter-related injuries can be caused by a variety of incidents. Some of the most common causes of these injuries may include slipping and falling, shoveling snow, and weather-related car accidents.

Slipping and falling: Because ice can be difficult to see, slipping and falling is very common. However, it can lead to severe injuries. Especially when people try to catch themselves while falling, sprains and breaks can happen easily.

Shoveling snow: With the repetitive actions of twisting and lifting, shoveling can put a severe strain on the body. Because of the amount of physical exertion needed for shoveling, many people experience back injuries.

Weather-related car accidents: Wet pavement, slush, snow, and ice all contribute to car accidents in the winter. If people aren't properly prepared for driving in poor conditions, they could potentially experience an accident.

How to Avoid Getting Injured This Winter
While there are many possible injuries you may obtain this winter, there are also things you can do to try to prevent them from happening. For starters, you should ensure you regularly shovel and salt driveways, sidewalks, and stairs outside of your home or business. This will not only prevent you from slipping and getting hurt, but others as well. Furthermore, any children or seniors walking across slippery surfaces should be provided additional support. 

Before shoveling or scraping off vehicles, you should try to stretch to ensure your body is less prone to being injured. Additionally, you should always make sure you have proper footing when shoveling or scraping to avoid falling. 

And while it's important to drive carefully all year long, it's especially important to be careful during the winter. Black ice and whiteout conditions can make driving extremely dangerous. It's important to go slowly and avoid driving when it's particularly bad out.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. And if you do get injured this winter, you should make sure you visit an urgent care facility as soon as possible. An urgent care facility will be able to diagnose and treat your injury within less time and at a lower cost than a hospital. With about three million patients choosing to visit an urgent care facility each week, according to the Urgent Care Association of America, these facilities are well-equipped to handle any winter-related injuries.