Back to School Health: 5 Elements to a Great Start

Summer is ending, and it’s time to send the kids back to class. With a new environment comes exposure to new risks for your child’s health. Here are five tips to ensure your family has a great start to a healthy and productive year of learning.

walk in vaccine

  • Hand Washing 

    Going back to school means that your kids will once again be in close quarters with many other youths. To help avoid the rapid spread of germs in your child’s school, practice hand washing at home. Teach youngsters to sing a song, like their ABCs, to make sure they’re spending enough time scrubbing. Be a role model by washing up before meals and after using the bathroom.

  • Nutrition and Exercise

    A well-fed brain is a healthy, smart brain. Make sure your child is getting the nutrients she needs by providing plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in lunches and after-school snacks. Make sure child athletes get plenty of protein as well for healthy muscles and quick healing. Though most kids get physical activity in gym class and at recess, limit TV and electronics time and get them moving after school as well.

  • Sleep

    Sleeping is just as important to your child’s well being and learning as nutrition and exercise. Make sure your children get the recommended eight to 10 hours for their health, happiness, and for a less grumpy morning routine.  

  • Updating Shots

    Public schools have vaccination requirements at different age levels, but these are not the only shots your child should have for optimum disease prevention. Check your local convenient care or even urgent care clinic to see if the offer walk in vaccine treatments like flu shots, or otherwise schedule an appointment.

  • Kid-Specific Risks

    As with any demographic, kids are more prone to certain illnesses and conditions. Listen to your child and consider her mental health, keeping watch for signs of bullying and other stressors. Dizziness occurs in 70% of the nation's population sometime in their lives, and in children can be an indication of the need for eyeglasses. Finally, head lice is another common back to school unpleasantry. Talking and spending time with your child can help you recognize when their health needs your help the most.


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