Children's Health Issues: How Can Kids Stay Healthy?

When it comes to children, health should always be a priority. Unfortunately, many children are affected by a wide variety of health issues. In fact, about 25% of children in the U.S. between the ages of two and eight are affected by common health conditions like obesity, asthma, behavioral or learning problems, as well as other conditions. So how can children stay as healthy as possible?

childrens health issues

If children play sports, they're going to need a sports-specific physical exam. These exams should be scheduled about six weeks before the start of the sport's season. This time frame allows the athlete to be properly examined and cleared to play. Sports injuries are all too common and a proper physical can help promote safe play.


Physical activity in general, whether it's a school sport or simply playing outside, can help kids stay healthy and strong. Unfortunately, only one out of every three children get some level of physical activity on a daily basis. Both schools and parents can do their part in encouraging kids to be more active. Establishing a healthy routine at a young age can set kids up for a life of healthy activity.


Being active can even help boost kids' immune systems, which is particularly important during the school year. The majority of children catch six to eight colds each year! Colds can be miserable and can even lead to children missing school. The CDC shows that the common cold is the cause for 22 million sick days every year. And with about 75% of parents reporting their child having at least one sick day over the past year, it's important kids stay as healthy as possible so they can go to school.

While no kid is totally safe from sickness, there are opportunities for promoting health in children. Being physically active, going to the doctor on a regular basis, and practicing proper hygiene can all be beneficial in keeping kids healthy and avoid certain conditions like the common cold.