Do You Know These Important Facts About Arthritis?

While there is a huge variety of conditions people can be diagnosed with, arthritis is one of the most common. A lowball estimate shows that about 54 million Americans have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. Despite it being so common, many people still do not fully understand this condition. Let's take a look at a few key facts everyone should know about arthritis.

understanding arthritis

The risk of being diagnosed with arthritis increases as we age. In the United States, about 2/3 of adults between the ages of 18 and 64 have been diagnosed with arthritis. So while people tend to think arthritis only impacts senior citizens, you can be diagnosed with this condition at any age.


Because arthritis often makes it difficult for people to complete even simple everyday activities without experiencing pain, it remains the leading cause of disability claims in the United States. When arthritis sufferers don't get the proper diagnosis and treatment, they may have to take time off of work depending on which industry they are employed in.


Unfortunately, cases of arthritis are only expected to rise. Experts predict that over 78 million Americans will be diagnosed with arthritis by 2040. This condition is not only painful, but it's also quite expensive. Between doctor appointments, medications, and surgeries, the CDC shows that the total approximate cost of arthritis in the U.S. amounts to $304 billion.


And while this condition is more common in women than men, with 26% of women being affected and only 18% of men receiving the same diagnosis, anyone of any gender or age can be diagnosed with arthritis. If you're noticing warning signs of arthritis, it's important to talk to a doctor. An early diagnosis can make a big difference when it comes to treating and managing arthritis pain. Keep this information in mind and talk to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.