Fall Sport Injuries: How to Avoid Them

Playing sports is a great way to stay fit, have fun, and enhance your skills in something. And while it can be a great form of exercise, especially for those four in 10 people who exercise to try to relieve lower back pain, all exercise comes with the risk of injuries -- and fall sports are no different. So while the fall sports season is already underway, you should be aware of the possible injuries you could face and how to prevent them. We've compiled a list of a few common fall sports injuries and some great tips every player should know.

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Common Injuries Seen With Fall Sports


Most sports can be played in the fall season, but a few of the most popular ones include football, cross country, soccer, tennis, and volleyball. All of these sports are extremely involved and can all too easily result in injury. So let's take a look at a few common injuries seen in these sports.


Shoulder injuries: A lot of fall sports, like tennis and volleyball, put a lot of strain on the shoulders. Throwing or repetitive motions, in general, can result in shoulder injuries. And due to the complexity of the shoulder joint, a shoulder injury should be treated promptly.


Sprains and strains: Other common injuries in fall sports are sprains and strains. Strains result from sudden movements or overuse injuries while sprains are stretches of the ligaments. Both of these injuries can be extremely painful and plenty of rest and ice can help the injury heal.


Concussions: Especially in contact sports like football, concussions are a serious concern. Concussions can result in head and eye pain, confusion, fatigue, and even nausea.


Tips for Preventing Sports Injuries


When it comes to preventing sports injuries, there are plenty of things players can do. The most important step in preventing sports injuries is to visit a Seattle walk in clinic. A sports physical at a Seattle walk in clinic can be extremely helpful in ensuring athletes have the lowest risk of sustaining injuries possible. Additionally, players should always warm up before practice or games and they should never push themselves through the pain when playing. And lastly, cross training, or ensuring every part of your body is getting used, can easily help prevent overuse injuries.


Hopefully, this article will help players avoid injury this season. Being aware of possible injuries and keeping these simple tips in mind can help you play safely.