Fast and Convenient Care: Book Your Appointment Online

It’s Saturday morning. You’ve decided to take your family to a local restaurant for lunch before attending a birthday party that afternoon. We all know kids can’t party on an empty stomach. But then you remember – Saturdays at your favorite eatery are busy and to get the table and time you want, you book your lunch reservation online.
Fast forward. Your 10-year-old injures her ankle at the party in a birthday cake infused game of tag and needs to be seen by a medical provider.

Did you know you can book your Immediate Clinic urgent care visit online?Save TIme. Busy schedule? Book your urgent care appointment online and move to the front of the line.

Thanks to our partnership with Solv Health, Immediate Clinic now offers the convenience of online appointment scheduling at all MultiCare urgent cares. You can have your cake and eat it, too! 

Why should you consider online scheduling the next time you or one of your kids is sick or injured?

•    It saves you a spot, much like scheduling a lunch reservation at your favorite eatery.  
•    It allows you to schedule a same-day or next-day appointment, when it’s convenient for your busy schedule. Parents frequently tell us online appointment booking allows them the flexibility to schedule an appointment first thing in the morning or right after work. This can be helpful for working families – and it’s also a relief when your little one is suffering, and you can get her in for our first appointment of the day.
•    Online appointments get priority over walk-in appointments. While our staff takes great pride in respecting your time and works hard to get all patients treated quickly, scheduled appointments are seen before walk-in patients.
•    Even when it’s extra busy or the unexpected happens, scheduled appointments move you to the front of the line. No matter how much we plan and schedule around busy days and times, sometimes we cannot avoid the unexpected – a bad sprain that needs immediate attention, a young child with a high fever; these types of injuries and illnesses take extra time to treat and may create a delay in the start of your appointment.

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