Halloween Health and Safety Tips

Halloween is one of the most exciting nights for kids. From picking out their costume to going trick-or-treating, this spooky holiday is full of fun. But to ensure kids stay as safe as possible this Halloween, let's take a look at a few simple safety tips.


Choosing a Safe Costume

First things first, it's important to focus on a safe costume. While it's great that kids have so many ideas and are imaginative when it comes to choosing what they want to dress up as for Halloween, safety should always be the primary concern. If a child's costume involves a mask, it's important to make sure the mask does not obstruct their vision or breathing. If a mask seems unsafe, consider using face paint instead. And any other costume accessories, especially weapons like swords or knives, should be soft and never have any sharp edges. Lastly, costumes should be as light in color as possible. Wearing all dark colors can make children more difficult to see. On top of wearing light colors, costumes should also feature some sort of reflective or light aspect to help children be seen easier in the dark. Having a safe costume can make sure Halloween night is both fun and injury-free.




Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

Going trick-or-treating is often the highlight of Halloween for kids. And while it can be plenty of fun, it can also sometimes be dangerous. To stay as safe as possible, kids should always be accompanied by an adult or at least travel in groups. Additionally, kids should stay off the streets and choose sidewalks instead whenever possible. Walking down a dark road can make it difficult for drivers to spot children. And when it comes time to cross a street, kids should always cross at appropriate areas, like corners or crosswalks -- never between parked cars. When kids are out and about on Halloween, they should always pay attention to their surroundings.



Hopefully, no injuries or accidents occur on Halloween. But if an accident does happen, make sure to visit one of your local urgent care clinics for quick medical help. Four out of five urgent care clinics offer fracture care and are equipped to handle a variety of injuries. So keep these tips in mind to stay as safe as possible this Halloween.