Indigestion or Worse? When to Seek Medical Attention

urgent medical care

You’re experiencing intense stomach pain, but you don’t know if you should go for emergency care. However, if the pain doesn’t go away or makes you nervous for your safety, trust your gut -- urgent medical care may be needed if you have these symptoms.

1. Intense localized pain

Intense pain in one area is never a good thing -- this implies something specific is going on and it’s more than just regular indigestion. If it’s centralized in the right lower part of your stomach, then you might have appendicitis. If your appendix ruptures, it can put your life in immediate danger and warrants urgent medical care. Go for emergency room care immediately; if it turns out the pain was just indigestion, then at least you were safe.

If it’s a localized pain in the upper abdomen, below your ribs, it might be a gallbladder issue. Seek medical help at an urgent care nearby if you’re having trouble eating -- surgery may be required.

2. Intense burning in your chest or stomach

You may have an ulcer. Though this doesn’t require surgery to fix, this can easily turn into a debilitating health issue. An ulcer forms when the stomach lining or the lining of the small intestine is worn down by medicines or types of food, usually acidic in nature. An ulcer won’t get better if you don’t give it time to heal, so avoiding vinegary foods, acidic foods, and certain medicines is a necessity. Though you can heal it yourself by monitoring your food and taking omeprazole, the pain you experience before a diagnosis can be crippling. Urgent medical care is needed if it prevents you from doing daily activities or if it causes you to throw up. Visit a clinic if you’re experiencing these symptoms.

3. Vomiting

Vomiting is associated with a number of different illnesses, but it isn’t a cause for alarm if you have a bad cold or drank some day-old milk. However, if your vomit has blood in it or you’re experiencing intense pain while you vomit, you may need to go to the ER. The doctors will be able to diagnose your health issue and handle the problems associated with your vomiting.

Look into medical clinics near you if you require urgent medical care. There are over 20,000 doctors practicing at urgent care locations, so if you're struggling to find your home doctor, consider visiting an urgent care for treatment.