Stay Safe and Healthy While Social Distancing

By now, we all know the social-distancing drill: Stay at home, work from home when possible, and don’t go anywhere unless it’s absolutely necessary. Your normal work, exercise and family routines may not look anything like what you’re used to, but you can still live a healthy lifestyle while practicing social distancing and preventing the spread of coronavirus. 

Don’t put your physical and mental health on hold. Here are six steps you can take to stay healthy while staying home.

1.    Keep it clean.

Research shows that COVID-19 may last on surfaces long after an infected person touches them. Make cleaning and disinfecting a daily routine that involves the whole family. Focus on commonly touched surfaces like tabletops, counters, doorknobs, light switches, remotes, handles desks, toilets and sinks.

2.    Stay in motion.

Even though gyms and fitness studios are closed, it’s still important to stay as active as possible. Get outside for a run, walk or bike ride, making sure you keep at least 6 feet from others to prevent spreading the virus. At home, put in a few daily reps on the stairs to replicate a step-climbing machine, or stay active by cleaning or gardening. There are also loads of online workouts available. Your favorite local gym or trainer may even offer online sessions. 

3.    Eat well.

It’s easy to overeat when you’re stressed or bored. While carbs, comfort foods and Cabernet might be calling, staying at home shouldn’t be a free pass to eat or drink anything you want. Rely on the basics to maintain a well-balanced diet. Try to include a protein, starch and produce in each meal. Fresh is always best – you can easily cook and freeze fresh veggies for later – but also keep canned, frozen or dried fruits and vegetables on hand just in case you can’t get to the grocery store or produce stand. 

Sleep helps strengthen the immune system4.    Get your zzzz’s.

Life is weird right now. It’s more important than ever to let your body rest and recover when everything seems a little off. Try to stick to your regular sleep routine to keep your body on schedule.

5.    Make mental health a priority.

The COVID-19 outbreak may feel overwhelming, scary and stressful – mentally and emotionally. If you have preexisting mental health conditions, continue with treatment and be aware of any changes in your symptoms. Many health providers now offer virtual treatment. And if you have friends or family members with mental health issues, reach out and offer support.

6.    Get some air.

Fresh air can raise your spirits, boost your energy and clear your mind. Here are a few safe ways to breathe in the great outdoors:

•    Open windows in multiple rooms to get fresh air circulating through your home. 

•    Take a drive around the neighborhood with the windows down. For some added fun, create a visual scavenger hunt for the kids. Just don’t stay away for long, don’t make any stops and be sure to wash your hands as soon as you get home. 

•    Go outside to your backyard, balcony, rooftop or patio. Wherever you are, always follow social-distancing guidelines, allowing at least 6 feet between yourself and anyone you don’t directly live with. Avoid touching playground equipment, benches or other common surfaces. 

•    Walk the dog around the block or cul-de-sac. Just be sure to allow ample space between you and other dogs and dog walkers.

Visiting Immediate Clinic during the COVID-19 pandemic

For more information about COVID-19, we’ve prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions. And we’re taking these extra precautions to help keep you safe when you visit one of our clinics:

•   Appointments preferredSchedule an appointment online if possible. This helps limit the number of visitors in the clinic at any one time.

•   Temporary visitor policy: Please limit the number of guests who accompany you into the clinic to one, if possible. This helps with social distancing. 

•    Call before entering clinic: Select an appointment time online and call us when you arrive. One of our friendly concierges will take care of most of your check-in process over the phone, while you’re still in your car. Our concierge will guide you to an exam suite when it’s ready. 

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