The Top 5 Benefits of Urgent Care

Urgent care is quickly expanding and gaining popularity in America. In recent years, we have seen issues in emergency rooms arise due to overcrowding. There simply is not enough space and not enough physicians to take care of people in a timely matter. Urgent care centers are helping to fix that problem, by providing care that unclogs ER waiting rooms. This can ensure that those who really do need emergency room care are able to get it as fast as possible. Read on for the top five benefits of urgent care!

1. Space First of all, as mentioned, these facilities help unclog ERs. All too often, emergency rooms are full of those who could have gone to a doctor if the office was open, or for common issues that aren't necessarily "emergencies." Urgent care provides another place for people to go for quality care, rather than everyone running to the same place.

2. Type of Care Another huge benefit is the type of care they can provide. Anything from a quick check up, to STD testing, and anything in between, they can do. Four in every five urgent care centers even provide fracture care! With that many services available, there is no reason to rush straight to an ER.

3. Great Doctors Urgent care also provides quality care. About 20,000 doctors practice in these facilities, and many of them worked in their own practice or emergency rooms before moving to urgent care. This means that these facilities offer some of the best doctors in each area!

4. Price Matters It's cost effective to skip the ER as well. Within the next 15 years, six out of every 10 Baby Boomers will have to manage a chronic condition. Offering physical therapy and check ups, urgent care can shave hundreds of dollars off the cost of care. Not to mention, any visit-- from the smallest child to a senior citizen -- will be significantly less expensive through these facilities.

5. Speed Lastly, you may actually get care faster by going to an urgent care clinic. The average visit lasts under an hour, whereas ER wait times can be an hour or more, not including treatment. So if you need care quickly, an urgent care will likely be a better bet!

Have you been to urgent care lately? What was your impression?