Understanding the Importance of Sports Physicals for Young Athletes

There are a lot of important things young athletes need to do to get ready for their sports season. But one of the most important tasks for young athletes to complete is a sports physical. Before athletes are allowed to play, they usually have to have a sports physical or a pre-participation exam. So let's take a look at what this exam may involve and why it's important.


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What Happens at a Sports Physical?

First off, a doctor will ask the athlete about their medical history. These questions may talk about things like immunizations, previous injuries, medications, and exercise level. Any previous injuries will be assessed to determine if they'll affect the athlete's ability to play or any restrictions they may have. After the verbal part of the exam, the doctor will perform a general physical. In this part of the exam, doctors will take the patient's height, weight, and blood pressure. Additionally, the doctor will test joint movement and muscle strength, especially if any physical therapy has been involved. Overall, sports physicals make sure the athlete is in good enough health to safely play their sport.


Why Sports Physicals Are Important

Safety is a key factor in any sport, but especially for young athletes. Sports physicals can help ensure athletes are in good shape and can help to prevent sports injuries. Already, about 25,000 Americans sustain ankle sprains every day. Injuries are all too common and its important athletes know how to prevent them. Furthermore, physicals are key to identifying conditions that may inhibit an athlete's ability to play or conditions that need further medical attention. Physicals at an immediate clinic Redmond residents can trust will help advise and educate athletes and their families about playing safely and smartly. All young athletes should have a proper sports physical before they start playing.

If you have a young athlete in your life, make sure they're getting the proper physical before participating in any sports. You can visit a local immediate clinic Redmond residents can rely on to ensure the physical is done properly. With the right treatment and education a sports physical offers, young athletes will be prepared to take on whatever the sports season brings.