Urgent Care Centers are for More than Just Urgent Care

Besides the fact that urgent care centers are often a more convenient and less costly form of patient care, more and more Americans are opting to visit local doctors at urgent care because of the variety of treatments and services they offer. Since there are an increasing number of urgent care facilities opening and expanding, finding local doctors when and how people need them is getting easier. We no longer have to make a choice between going to our regular doctors and the emergency room.

Urgent care centers generally charge a similar copay to what a regular doctor will charge, and are much less costly than going to the emergency room. Furthermore, almost 30% of visits to the emergency room could have taken place at an urgent care center. This is likely because urgent care centers can treat a variety of non life threatening illnesses and injuries, and many are open 24 hours and seven days a week.

One major area of treatment that urgent care centers offer is for injuries. About 80% urgent care centers can perform splinting procedures and treat bone fractures, and almost 90% of urgent care facilities treat workplace injuries, like back pain or strains. Another major area of treatment that local doctors at urgent care centers can perform is routine testing and procedures. Many urgent care centers in the U.S. have begun to offer things like physicals, x-rays, and blood work. Furthermore, about 70% of urgent care facilities offer drug testing for employment.

Urgent care is not only about urgent care anymore. Whether you have suffered a workplace injury, are suffering from a common illness, or you just need some routine treatment, local doctors at your nearest urgent care clinic can help you.