Urgent Care is a Viable Alternative to ER

In recent years, it seems like we keep hearing about ER congestion, and now there's another option. Over the past decade, the rise of urgent care centers has made it unnecessary to wait for hours and spend hundreds at the emergency room. We've compiled a few reasons why you should consider urgent care instead of the ER, so read on!

A trip to the ER could set you back hundreds of dollars in medical costs, which is a huge concern for families. For many, the ER is just not an option due to astronomical fees. But with urgent care, services are much cheaper for the same amount of care.

Chances are, if your child has just been injured, you want them to see someone right away. However, the congestion at ERs could have you waiting hours just to be seen by a nurse, let alone any doctors. Urgent care often gets people in and out of their facilities within an hour!

Most issues, as long as they are not life threatening, can be treated at an urgent care. These centers employ some of the best doctors in order to care for the injured, and they can treat numerous illnesses and injuries. Just a small portion of those include colds, flus, lacerations, bites, cuts, burns, sprains, strains, and they can conduct physicals. The second most common complaint in doctor's offices is dizziness, which affects about 70% of people at some point of their lives, and dizziness can be treated at these centers. They can also help some of the 25,000 Americans who sprain their ankles every day.

As you can see illustrated here, urgent care is a perfectly viable option for a minor emergency, and these points only scratch the surface. One of the 20,000 doctors who practice Urgent Care Medicine today will provide you with great care in a timely manner, so that you can rest easy.