When to Take Your Child to an Urgent Care Center

As a parent, it can be absolutely terrifying when your child gets sick or injured. And at that moment, it can be difficult to figure out what to do. Do you need to make an appointment with their doctor? Or do they need immediate medical attention? Let's take a look at a few instances that could require immediate medical attention and a trip to an urgent care for kids.

urgent care for kidsDifficulty breathing: There could be a variety of factors that could cause a child to have difficulty breathing. An upper respiratory condition (which was the most common diagnosis at an urgent care center in 2012), an allergic reaction, or a virus could all lead to short, rapid breathing. Now, if your child can't breathe at all, it's crucial to call for emergency medical attention right away. But if your child is just complaining of a tight chest and is experiencing shortness of breath, take them to an urgent care clinic to seek medical attention. When it comes to breathing problems, there's no time to wait to make a doctor appointment.

Head injury: It's no surprise that kids often sustain head injuries. Accidents happen, and it's okay if your kid falls or bumps their head on something. Most minor head injuries are nothing to worry about. However, after your child sustains a head injury, it's important to keep an eye on them for a few hours. If your child begins vomiting, loses consciousnesses, experiences a seizure, or is acting unusual in any way, it's time to seek medical attention. A head injury may not look serious on the outside, but there could be internal damage that needs to be addressed.

Persistent pain: Kids get bumps, bruises, cuts, and scrapes pretty regularly. When they're running around playing, they may hurt their leg or bump their head. And most of the time, they'll experience a little bit of pain, but nothing that can't be fixed with an ice pack or mild pain relievers. But if your child is complaining of strong, persistent pain, it could mean something is seriously wrong. Whether it's their leg, head, or tummy, if over-the-counter pain medications aren't helping to alleviate the pain, it's time to visit an urgent care for kids. It's important to listen to your child and take their pain seriously.

Deciding whether or not to take your child to the doctor can be difficult, especially if they can't tell you exactly what's wrong. But use your best judgment and if your child is experiencing any of these conditions, make sure to visit an urgent care for kids to seek appropriate treatment.