The spookiest holiday of the year is just around the corner and kids across the country are gearing up for a night of collecting as much candy as their buckets can hold. While Halloween scares normally come in the form of ghoulish ghosts and creepy creatures, some of the holiday's biggest dangers are a bit more human.

When winter ended and the sun finally began to shine again in spring, you were armed with medications and tissues to tackle allergy season head-on. But fall allergies can be just as severe as their spring counterparts. If you find yourself constantly sniffling when the leaves start to change, you might be experiencing fall allergies.

Every year, the beginning of flu season is marked by repeated reminders encouraging people to take the proper precautions to avoid catching the virus. While getting a flu shot is quick and easy, the first step of remembering to do it early enough can be the hardest part.

Dealing with asthma any time of the year can be a challenge, but surprisingly even more so in the colder months. Cold, dry air, especially mixed with a cold or the flu, can make asthma sufferers feel downright miserable. Here are a few steps you can take to reduce your asthma symptoms this fall. 

Leaf peeping is a fun fall activity, seeing the colors of foliage change before our eyes. But as those leaves start to drop and the days grow colder, homeowners and gardeners begin to prep their lawns for winter. What is one of autumn's most overlooked health hazards? Rotting leaves. 

Now that summer has come to a close, many people will want to bring nature indoors. After all, plants are a great way to boost your mood in the cold months of winter. Before you visit your local garden center, you should know that not all indoor houseplants are allergy-friendly.

Busy schedules shouldn’t get in the way of the urgent care you need for a minor injury or illness. Save time by booking your appointment online and move to the front of the line.

With fall finally here, it's time to get outside and do some yard work. Trees need to be trimmed, lawns need to be mowed, and leaves need to be raked -- staying safe while doing these physical tasks is important any time of year. You might break a sweat, but you shouldn’t break an ankle. Yard work poses the risk of injury and it's important to go about it safely.

Also known as conjunctivitis, pink eye is one of the world's most common and most treatable eye conditions. Adults and children alike can contract pink eye, though it occurs more commonly in little ones.

Boating is one of the many joys of the summer season. There's nothing like a day out on the water with your family and friends, soaking in the sunshine and relaxing on the waves. With all these pleasures, however, come certain dangers. Boating accidents can easily cause injuries, if you're not careful.

Summer is winding down and school will soon be in session! The start of the school year is a busy time for both parents and kids, and getting your children ready can be a challenging transition. Check out these simple back-to-school tips to give your child a healthy start.

There are times in life when you can’t wait for medical care. Sometimes you call your doctor’s office and it is several days – or even weeks – before they have an appointment available. Waiting for an appointment likely means more days of misery. This is where urgent care clinics come in handy!