For many people, hiking or camping is the perfect summer weather activity to get exercise in nature with good company. But, did you know there were multiple thousands of reported hiking injuries just last year? A hiking injury can include potential sprains and strains, sunburns, encounters with dangerous plant or animal life, and more.

With warm weather finally here, everyone wants to play outside in the sun making it more important than ever to protect your child’s delicate skin. Sunburn can occur in children and adults in as little as 15 minutes, and repeated sunburns can cause permanent skin damage and/or skin cancer. 

In the heat of summer, it's easier to become dehydrated than one might think. Between attending the garden outside to romping around on the beach all day, remembering to drink water is low on the totem pole of priorities when you're out having fun.

Despite its name, just about anyone can suffer from the frustrating effects of athlete's foot. This uncomfortable condition occurs on the skin of your feet, promoting a number of untoward health symptoms. In particularly bad cases, the affected individual may even find it difficult to walk.

Spring is in full swing and that means countless people are bringing their dogs outside to enjoy the sunshine. After all, nearly 36% of households own a loving dog. This includes hiking paths and parks, but it also means people are more likely to bring their dogs nearby local shops and eateries.

Spring has officially sprung and countless people are planning to clean their home in light of the warmer weather. In fact, it's estimated that 96% of Millennials alone will engage in spring cleaning. Before you crack open your windows, however, watch out for these health concerns that can spring up as you clean your home.

When it comes to your health, you need to ensure that you are taking care of every part of you. This includes your sexual health, an area that many people don't always think about. However, getting regular tests for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is as important as seeing your general physician or going to your family dentist.

As the temperatures drop, joint pain tends to rise and you may find yourself visiting walk-in clinics more often. Scientists are still unsure of the exact link between chilly temperatures and aching joints, but a Weather Channel survey showed that 42% of respondents said that cold weather triggers pain in their hips, knees or back.

Washington health officials have warned citizens to take extra precautions against a new measles outbreak which is endangering countless individuals and children in Washington state. So far, there have been 37 confirmed cases and an estimated 13 suspected cases as of January 31.

Identifying stomach pain in your child can be difficult; after all, even small pains can seem astronomical to a child. But stomach pain in your children should not be overlooked especially if they voice their concerns.


Here's what you should know about stomach pain in your child and when you should take your child to a doctor or urgent care clinic.

Every year, between 5% and 20% of Americans come down with a case of influenza. No one in this yearly percentage will feel good when they have the flu, how are patients meant to know when their symptoms are normal and when they necessitate medical attention?