Burien Occupational Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic

At Immediate Clinic Occupational Medicine, we fully understand the significance for employers to have options for good healthcare services close to the workplace. Our dedicated occupational medicine clinic in Burien will be able to serve all your needs.

The clinic is open Monday - Friday 8 am - 430 pm. Located less than 1/4 mile from our Urgent Care clinic on 1st Avenue South. We will offer the following services:

  • Treatment of on the job injuries
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Pre-Employment Physical Exams
  • DOT Exams

Immediate Clinic's providers are on the national DOT registry and the Labor and Industry Medical Provider Network. The clinic is overseen by Dr. Fernando Proano.

Dr. Proano is board certified in occupational medicine and has worked in the industry for over twenty years.  

Immediate Clinic is excited to provide occupational medicine to the Burien community.


Learn more about our employer and occupational medicine services, or contact our Business Development Manager to set up an account.