Common Reasons Seniors Seek Emergency Care

Seniors often have special health care needs, seeking medical care more frequently than younger generations. Fortunately, this type of care is highly accessible. Our urgent care facility is here to provide the best possible care for our senior patients, as your health is our priority. The following are some of the most common reasons that older adults seek emergency care. If you are experiencing one of these conditions, it's important to get to a clinic as soon as possible.

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  1. Falls: Fall-related injuries are quite common among seniors. This can include fractures, sprains, breaks, and even concussions. If you or a loved one falls, it's important to see a medical professional for a full examination.

  2. Chest Pain: While some chest pain is related to a heart condition, it can have a host of causes. These include respiratory infections, heart burn, injuries, muscle strain, and other conditions. To rule out anything serious or pinpoint the exact cause, it's essential to always get your pain checked out.

  3. Back Pain: About 40% of people who suffer from low back pain never see a doctor or physical therapist, but this is often the solution. When seniors come in with back pain, medical professionals generally check for spinal conditions and injuries.

  4. Urinary Tract Infection: This type of infection is quite painful, and can be frightening for patients. UTIs are common among seniors, especially if you don't drink enough water, but are also highly treatable. If you do visit an urgent care facility with a UTI, your doctor will likely give you tips to prevent one in the future.

  5. Abdominal Issues: Pain in the stomach or abdominal area is another common reason why seniors seek emergency care. This can have many roots causes, including digestive issues, infections, side-effects from medications, and other conditions. While abdominal pain might be common, it's always important to see a professional to rule out anything serious.

While your primary care physician is an important source of health information and care, seniors can still utilize urgent care clinics when necessary. Our clinics can provide necessary testing, vaccinations, and other services for our patients. And this is all essential to living the most healthy life possible.