A Comprehensive Guide To Indoor Allergies, Part 2

You may have realized from our last post that the coughing and sneezing that wakes you up at night may be indoor allergies. While you can still seek urgent care services for a quick diagnosis and treatment advice, there are also techniques that you can use to manage these symptoms on your own. By controlling these symptoms, your home can once again be a healthy place for you.

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Tips For Managing Your Indoor Allergies
In addition to the advice you get from seeking medical help, the following are some common ways to keep your allergies in check all year around. 

  • Invest in deep cleaning
    Everyday vacuuming and cleaning is not always enough to remove dust mites. Schedule professional carpet cleaning periodically to really clean the surface. Then set aside a day or two every month to deep clean your home yourself.
  • Set up an air purifier
    By switching on an air purifier while you sleep, you can keep the air free of particles. This will help your breathe easy through the night. Just be sure to change the filter is the purifier has one.

  • Seek medical treatment
    Allergy doctors can recommend allergy shots or another treatment to help your immune system get accustomed to an allergen. They may also recommend an over the counter nasal spray or allergy pill to control your symptoms.

  • Change your sheets
    Dead skin and other particles in your sheets can make dust mites feel right at home. Wash your sheets regularly to keep these critters out of your space. The same goes for your throw blankets and pillows as well.

  • Improve ventilation
    Poor ventilation in bathrooms and basements can cause excess mold growth in these humid environments. It's also important to change your HVAC filters regularly to prevent dust and other particles from entering your home. A professional home inspector can help your determine where your ventilation might be lacking.

By taking the above efforts and seeking urgent care services, you can get your allergies under control quickly. About 85% of urgent care centers are open seven days per week, so visit your local clinic for an allergy diagnosis. This way, you can quit sneezing and start enjoying your home once again.