Covid-19 Testing and Services

Updated 6/18/20

Can I be tested for COVID-19?

To support our state opening for business and to limit the spread of COVID-19, testing has expanded. Please read the chart or information below for the latest guidance on common situations:

I have COVID-19 symptoms: Anyone with any symptom of COVID-19 will be tested (cough, shortness of breath, fever, chills/repeated shaking with chills, new muscle pain, headache, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, nausea or vomiting and diarrhea). You will see a medical provider. Please schedule an appointment. We will bill your insurance for the visit and lab. If you do not have insurance, the cost will be $175 for the provider visit plus you will be billed by the lab for the test.

I've been exposed to COVID-19 but have NO symptoms: If you don't have any symptoms of COVID-19, but you've either been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or had possible exposure (e.g. in a large crowd, less than 6 feet of physical distancing, no mask, exposure was more than 15 minutes), you will see a medical provider. Please schedule an appointment. We will likely test you, unless your exposure falls outside of CDC guidelines, which say exposure should have occurred from 5-14 days earlier. 

I have no symptoms or exposure BUT ... I'm traveling and need a COVID test. Or I've been told I need a COVID test for work, to visit elderly parents, etc. You will need to schedule a video visit with a medical provider. The fee is $99 and is not covered by insurance. Our medical provider will ask you a few questions, counsel you about the tests and what the results may mean, and refer you to an Indigo Urgent Care site for testing. There will be an additional fee from the lab. 

Chart explaining Covid-19 testing options and symptoms

I'm traveling to Alaska for work and I need a COVID-19 test. How come it's NOT covered by insurance and I'm required to pay for it?

Whether you’re traveling to Alaska or elsewhere for work or pleasure, health insurance generally won’t cover a COVID-19 test. This is similar to travel to some foreign countries, where a pre-travel physical or vaccinations may be required but you pay out-of-pocket for these services.

Our $99 COVID-19 test fee includes:

  • video visit with a MultiCare provider.
  • Pre-test counseling and information about potential test results.
  • A lab order for testing at the Indigo Urgent Care closest to you. All Indigos offer convenient same-day and weekend appointments.
  • Quick, easy test-only visit. You’ll be in and out in minutes.

What if I need a COVID test for other reasons such as my employer is requesting it, or I need one before visiting elderly family members?

For these situations, health insurance won't cover the cost of testing. This is an out-of-pocket fee and you will be charged $99

Is antibody testing a reliable way to know whether I have had COVID-19?

We think so. But the test has limitations. 

Because the FDA eased its rules and allowed antibody tests to be sold without review or approval, there are concerns about the test’s reliability. MultiCare is using a lab test we believe to be the most accurate at this time. 

Additionally, the test is “qualitative,” and only gives you a positive or negative result. There are cases where you could test negative, for example, even though you’ve had the virus.

What does an antibody test indicate?

If you test positive (reactive) for COVID-19 antibodies, this usually means you’ve had COVID-19. It does not mean you are immune from the illness.

If you test negative, that usually means you never had or were not exposed to the virus. A negative result may indicate a very recent exposure, meaning not enough time has elapsed to generate an immune response, or the immune response has decreased below the detectable level.

Do you recommend consumers get an antibody test?

MultiCare is offering the test in response to consumer requests. The benefits of antibody testing remain uncertain and should not be used for diagnosis of COVID-19 at this time. Nasal swab testing is the most reliable test for determining an “active” case of COVID-19.

What is the cost for the COVID antibody test?

If you have insurance, the test will run about $60. We believe most insurance plans will cover this test, based on recent information from the federal government. You will need to see a provider and will also be charged for a provider visit.  

If you do not have insurance, the self-pay rate is $175 for the exam and about $37 for the antibody test lab fee. Please call the clinic if you have any questions about self-pay pricing.

Is it safe to visit urgent cares during the COVID-19 crisis?

We know you still need care for your minor illnesses and injuries, and we understand it may feel unsettling to come into a medical facility during a pandemic. Immediate Clinic has strict guidelines in place for your safety and well-being.

  • Appointments preferred
    We are asking patients to book an appointment time online, if possible. This helps keep social distancing within our sites. 
  • Masks required
    For your safety, everyone visiting the clinic will be asked to wear a mask (except infants and very young children who may have difficulty wearing one). If you do not have your own mask, we will provide one to you. 
  • Check-in process
    1. Our concierge will greet you at the door and provide you with a mask and hand gel. 

    2. You will be escorted to a clean, sanitized exam suite. If an exam suite isn't available, we will escort you to a waiting area, at least 6 feet away from other guests, or you may wait in your car, if you prefer.  
  • Temporary visitor policy
    To better ensure social distancing, we are asking all patients to limit guests to one additional person, if possible.
  • Additional precautions
    All of our employees are screened for symptoms as they enter the building. They wear masks at all times and follow strict handwashing and protective equipment guidelines. You are in great hands.

    We adhere to the latest World Health Organization guidelines, identifying and quickly isolating patients who may have COVID-19.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

COVID-19 has similar symptoms to the flu, which include coughing, fever, sore throat and difficulty breathing.

How does COVID-19 spread?

COVID-19 appears to transmit like the common cold (spread by droplets (coughing, sneezing), rather than airborne, like influenza. 

What can I do to prevent COVID-19?

  • Follow the governor's order to stay home, stay healthy, if possible.
  • Stay at least 6 feet away from others. 
  • Wash hands frequently, using soap and water. 
  • Mask yourself if you are coughing or sneezing.
  • The CDC recommends wearing a cloth face covering in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g. grocery stores, pharmacies).
  • Disinfect "touch points" such as door knobs, phones and keyboards -- to reduce transmission of all respiratory viruses, including COVID-19.