Have a Boo-Boo? Why to Choose Urgent Care for Kids

When it comes to parenting, you learn to expect the unexpected. One minute your child is having a great time climbing a tree in the front yard and the next they're on the ground, sobbing and clutching their arm. Accidents are a natural part of childhood and it's important to know what to do when an unfortunate situation strikes.

For parents of children who play sports, fractures, concussions and sprained ankles are nothing new. However, spending two hours sitting in an emergency room on a school night isn't ideal. Many urgent care clinics offer after-hour services and 85% of them are open every day.

While a trip to the hospital for something like a fractured arm may seem like the only option, many urgent care clinics are able to treat the same variety of ailments as an emergency room. In fact, 80% of urgent care clinics are able to treat bone fractures.

Unknown to many, urgent care facilities have licensed physicians on staff. This means the treatment at urgent care for kids is conducted by a physician with the same knowledge as a doctor in the hospital. Combined with the lower number of patients, kids (and adults) are able to receive the personal attention that they deserve.

Aside from illnesses such as colds, infections and mono, many urgent care clinics offer services for patients dealing with chronic conditions. This includes physical therapy for knee pain, recovery from surgery and many more physical therapy options.

Unfortunately, accidents rarely happen at a convenient time. Utilizing the help of urgent care for kids with acute illnesses and injuries can save parents from a trip to the hospital and an exponential amount of time and/or money. So if your child becomes one of the 25,000 Americans sprain their ankle each day, don't rule out a walk-in clinic.