Occupational Health: Tips to Avoid Injuries On The Job

Most U.S. adults spend a large portion of their lives at work, so safety on the job is important. While occupational health regulations have improved in recent years, it's still important for you to take steps to protect yourself from injury. While our urgent care clinic is here to address any of your occupational health needs, these steps can help you stay safe during work.

occupational health

Follow your company safety plan closely.

In accordance with occupational health standards, your company likely has safety instructions and procedures posted. Be sure to follow these closely, especially in the event of an emergency. This way, you know that you are performing your job properly and taking proactive measures to avoid injury.

Attend safety trainings.

While it might be tempting to skip these trainings, it never hurts to get a refresher. In fact, this updated knowledge can keep you safe in the future. Be sure to pay attention and ask questions when certain points are unclear.

Keep your work space clean.

Many hazards can be avoided by keeping your work space tidy and free of liquids. By doing so, you can avoid slips, burns, and other injuries.

Do your part to protect others.

While it's important to keep yourself safe, remember that you have others around you. If you see a fellow employee in a hazardous situation, speak up. By doing so, you can help them avoid injury and assist them in doing their job properly.

Use equipment properly.

Even if you have been in your job for years, never take shortcuts while using equipment. Wear the right safety equipment and use the equipment according to instructions. And if you are unfamiliar with a machine, ask your supervisor or another employee for instruction.

Report hazards to your supervisor.

When you spot a spill, spark, faulty equipment, or other hazard, tell your manager as soon as possible. This way, they can get workers out of harms way and address the issue as soon as possible.

While occupational health involves a significant amount of prevention, it's important to act quickly in the event of injury. When someone falls, for example, remember that four out of five urgent care centers provide fracture care. Early treatment is key to helping you or another employee get back on the job as soon as possible.