Dizziness can occur in people of any age, although it is more common among older adults. When we speak of dizziness, we need to distinguish between two very different conditions:

  • Lightheadedness - more closely describes a fainting spell. In this situation, you may feel dizzy but there is no sensation that you or your surroundings are moving.
  • Dizziness (or, more aptly, Vertigo) - does include the feeling that you or your surroundings are moving. Here, you may feel like you are off-balance or that you are spinning or falling. In this condition, you may have difficulty walking or standing.

It’s not uncommon to feel lightheaded. Most people feel lightheaded from time to time and it is usually not an indication of a more serious problem. In many instances, you may feel lightheaded if you stand too quickly. This action may lead to a momentary drop in blood pressure and blood flow to your brain.

Lightheadedness usually goes away if you lie down. However, if the feeling is persistent, there could be a more serious problem and you should be evaluated.

With vertigo, especially if it’s severe, you may feel nauseated or vomit. In older adults, dizziness frequently leads to falls and injuries. This can have a discouraging effect on physical activity if you have a fear of falling. Both of these conditions can have many causes so please schedule an appointment at one of our local clinics and come in for evaluation.

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