Earache & Infection

What is an Inner Ear Infection?

An Inner Ear Infection is an infection of the middle ear (the space behind the eardrum). It can occur as a result of the common cold. This is because congestion can block the internal passage (“Eustachian Tube”) that drains fluid from the middle ear. When the middle ear fills with fluid, bacteria can grow there and cause an infection.


There may be ear pain, swelling, loss of hearing or muffled hearing or temporary loss of hearing.


Oral antibiotics are used to treat this illness, not ear drops.  The appropriate medication can be prescribed by one of our Providers. Symptoms usually start to improve within 1-2 days of treatment.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms described above, please visit your local Immediate Clinic or schedule an appointment online today! Walk-ins are welcome.

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