Warm Weather and Broken Bones: Frequent Summer Injuries Doctors Treat

Summer is right around the corner and everyone is breaking out their bathing suits and flip-flops. 

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The sunshine and warm weather is an open invitation for people to go back outdoors and be active. However, summer can also be a time of injury if you're not careful.

In order to avoid a trip to emergency walk in medical services, watch out for these common summertime injuries. 

Conditions due to heat
Most people are about as anxious as a kid on Christmas morning at the first sign of warm weather. However, doctors treat many heat-related injuries because people aren't paying attention to their exposure. Things like dehydration, sunstroke, and overexposure to the sun can put a quick damper on even the sunniest of summer days. Make sure you keep yourself well hydrated and know when you've been in the sun for too long. If you feel things like dizziness or nausea, it's time to hit the shade and drink some water. Dizziness occurs in 70% of the population at some point in their lives and is the second most complained about symptom at the doctor's office. So rather than making an unnecessary trip, keep an eye on your sun and heat exposure. 

Water Injuries
While the summer invites people to head to the lake or the ocean, it ends up becoming a source of common injury. Doctors often treat patients for injuries resulting from jumping into the water and boating activities. Most of the time people get to drinking and talking and aren't paying attention to what they're doing. Unfortunately, this is also the reason for a lot of drownings. Be sure to watch your children if they're in or by the water.

Naturally, the summer is the time for campfires and dinners on the grill. While these can be memorable moments, they aren't always good memories. People end up making visits to walk in medical services on multiple occasions throughout the summer for burns they received from grills and campfires. Fire safety isn't just for the winter months and should be practiced year round. So watch how much kerosene you're squirting on the grill and don't try to spit fire from your mouth using moonshine; those are terrible ideas.

It's okay to have fun and go on adventures this summer, but don't forget to be mindful of you and your children's safety as well.