Yard Work and Injuries: How to Stay Safe This Spring

Some of the most popular activities during springtime are yard work and landscaping. And while many homeowners enjoy giving their outdoor area that much-needed maintenance and care, these activities also pose a risk of getting injured. Back injuries, strained muscles, and even serious sprains or breaks can all lead homeowners to need to visit a walk in clinic Redmond residents trust. And while medical help is always available, it's important to know how to prevent getting injured in the first place. So if you're planning on doing yard work this spring, read on to learn how to do it safely.

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Be careful lifting: One of the main parts of yard work is lifting heavy materials. Unfortunately, this task can quickly lead to back injuries if not done properly. And seeing as how 40% of people who suffer from long-term low back pain don't seek medical help, untreated back pain can lead to other problems. So you should always bend from your hips and knees and avoid straining your back.

Wear the right clothing: Long pants, work gloves, and sturdy shoes can make a big difference when doing yard work. Not only do these clothing items give you better protection when using tools, they can also help you avoid things like poison ivy and scratches or splinters.

Avoid the bugs: When you're working outside, it can be difficult to avoid insects. However, you should do what you can to prevent bug bites and stings. Wearing insect repellent and long clothing can help you avoid bugs and any diseases they carry with them.

Drink your water: Many people forget to stay hydrated while working outside. This can not only cause you to become extremely thirsty but can lead to health concerns when lightheadedness and dizziness set it. Because of this, it's important to continuously drink fluids and take a break when necessary.

Check your equipment: Before using any sort of equipment or tools, it's crucial to check them to ensure they're safe to use. Power tools, gardening equipment, and even ladders should always be checked for damages or problems to avoid mishaps during use.

Hopefully, these tips will help you stay safe this spring while you're working on your landscaping. But if you do sustain an injury, make sure you visit a walk in clinic Redmond residents can rely on for quick and efficient medical attention.